5 Prime Ways Your Employees can Promote Your Business

5 Prime Ways Your Employees can Promote Your Business

As a business owner, you perfectly understand that you need to utilize as many methods possible to market your products or services. One resource that you have available to you when it comes to marketing your business is your team of employees. The reality is that your business' employees truly are an invaluable resource when it comes to marketing your business. 

You need to motivate your employees to get on board to market your business. There are five key strategies to use to motivate your employees to market your business. 

Encourage Them to Use Social Media 

Social media can be a beneficial method to get your employees involved in the marketing efforts associated with your business. Odds are that all, or nearly all, of your employees have personal social media accounts. These include Facebook and Instagram, perhaps even Twitter. 

As part of social media marketing efforts, you can reach out to members of your team and see if they might be willing to promote your business, or its products or services, via their social media pages. 

For example, your employees can post things like activities in the workplace, special company events, and -- of course -- suitable things about your business' products or services. 

When your workers undertake this type of marketing for your business, the promote your enterprise to an audience that might not otherwise be reached. In addition, people who read and review these social media posts will already have a level of trust in the messenger. 

Give Your Workers Some Swag 

Nearly everyone likes swag. Consider providing your employees with branded items -- swag -- that they can use, wear, and share with others. These items can include everything from sweatshirts to cups to a broad range of many other items. 

When you purchase branded swag in larger quantities, you get price breaks. In addition, these times of items come in wide range of prices. You can find swag that fits well into your business' budget. 

When you contrast branded swag with other marketing and promotional options, you really do get a bang for your buck going this route. The initial investment in branded swag can be reasonable. Moreover, because the brand is placed on items of different times that will be seen by others time and again, you get great mileage from these types of marketing items. 

Launch a Referral Program 

Another program you can implement to get your employees involved in marketing your business is to launch a referral program. You can incentivize employees to assist with marketing by providing them with something of value when they bring in a new customer or client. An incentive can include a cash bonus, an extra vacation day, or any number of other benefits a member of your team might appreciate. 

You might even want to consider linking a referral program with some type of contest between employees. For example, you can provide the employee who recruits the most new customers or clients during a set period of time. By taking this approach, you can add a level excitement and even entertainment to a company referral program. 

Share Links to Company Review Sites 

You can promote your business with the assistance of your employees by providing them links to different types of review sites. These can include links to sites that review workplaces. (The thought is that a business with a positively reviewed workplace is an enterprise that will be more likely to take good care of clients or customers.) 

You can also provide links to general review sites, platforms that review business of different types. Employees can provide these links to people they know who have patronized your business. The personal connection may render these patrons more apt to leave a favorable review about your business. 

The reality is that people who have a favorable experience with a business aren't as likely to post a review than is the case of a person who wants to post negative thoughts. With a little prodding from a friend, a patron who had a positive experience may be more likely to post a review. 

Utilize Website Testimonials 

Yet another strategy you can employ to involve your employees in marketing your business is to encourage them to write website testimonials. These can prove to be highly beneficial. These can include testimonials about specific products or services offered by your company. They can also include testimonials about the mission of the company and about more general attributes of the enterprise. 


You will also want to include your employees in the process of determining what they can do to assist in promoting and marketing the business. Bringing them along in this way will provide them with an even greater sense of ownership when it comes to marketing and promoting your business and its products and services.


Jessica is a professional blogger who writes for Faxage, a leading company that provide Internet fax service services for individuals and businesses.

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