5 Online Marketing Tips for Your Nonprofit Organization Website

5 Online Marketing Tips for Your Nonprofit Organization Website

Put your most compelling content front and center.

If you have video or photos showing the work you do, use them! Strong imagery can help you build connections in a way that is not possible with words alone.

The Importance of Email Integration with a Nonprofit Website

Two of the most important marketing tools for a nonprofit organization are email and its website. These two tools need to work in tandem with one another, need to compliment and enhance one another.

In designing a nonprofit website, email signup needs to take a front and center position. Email signup should grace a truly prominent position on a nonprofit's website. Signing up to be on a nonprofit's email list should be the easiest action for a visitor to the website to take. 

At the same time, any email sent by a representative of the nonprofit should have the address for the organization's website. The address for the website should be in a prominent position within each and every email. 

In addition to these recommendations, a nonprofit organization should have an email newsletter. A regular email newsletter provides a solid tool for enhancing interest in an organization, gleaning additional individuals on an email list, and drawing attention an visitors to the nonprofit's website. 

Connect to Your Organization's Blog

Blogging is a major method for communicating at this juncture of the 21st century. Blogging can be a vital way for a nonprofit organization to communicate to the public at large as well as to its existing supporters. It provides a valuable avenue for attracting new supporters to the work of a nonprofit organization.

You may not necessarily want your blog to be an integrate component of your organization's website. Rather, you may want to place your blog at a popular blogging platform. Taking this approach opens up an entirely different avenue for connecting your organization with the world.

What you will want to do is to connect your blog closely with your organization's website. For example, you might want to include a prominent link to your organization's blog on the homepage of the website. You may also want to include links to your blog at other spots throughout your website.

At the other end of the connection, you will want to be sure that you routinely, regularly link back to your website within the content of blog posts. Not only does this direct a reader to your organizations website, these types of backlinks can assist in improving the ranking of your organization in search engine results. 

Develop a Social Media Friendly Website

Social media is of paramount importance to businesses, professionals, and nonprofit organizations of different types. Due to this reality, you must make certain that your organization's website is social media friendly.

You must include social media sharing links on every page of your website. Don't overdo in this regard. You will want to select three or four social media platforms that make the most sense for your organization. With that said, Facebook is virtually given as a social media platform for any type of nonprofit. Instagram is also likely to be on the list of social media platforms that you include links for throughout your website.

You also want to make sure you site makes it easy for bloggers and social media networkers to share photos and videos from your site. You will also want to make sure your website has compelling content worthy of being referenced by bloggers and social media networkers.

Additionally, you will want to develop a comprehensive theme between your organization's website and social media platforms. This type of cohesive strategy is effective at getting the word out and about regarding your organization. 

Prominently Display Your Donation Button

Although this admonition may seem like a no-brainer, time and again nonprofit organizations fail to display donation buttons in a prominent manner. In addition to making a compelling story about your organization via its website, you also need to make certain that it is easy for a visitor to make a donation then and there. A person is more apt to donate during a visit to a nonprofit's website, when he or she has been somehow move by the information contained at the site. The key is making it easy (and secure) for a person to donate.

You don't want to overkill, however you may even want to give serious thought to including a donation button on multiple pages. In addition, you might want to have a page at the website dedicated exclusively to making a "donate now" pitch.

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5 Online Marketing Tips for Your Nonprofit Website

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