5 Online Marketing Tips For Your Ecommerce Site

5 Online Marketing Tips For Your Ecommerce Site

The ecommerce economy is expected to continue its upward trajectory. It is expected to grow at a rapid place, according to Entrepreneur magazine. As a result, while the ecommerce economy offers tremendous opportunity, it is also highly competitive.

Your website is the center of your ecommerce universe. There exist five online marketing tips for your ecommerce website that you should seriously consider applying.

Don't Rush the Launch of Your Ecommerce Website

Before getting into more of the minutia of online marketing tips for your ecommerce website, there is a crucial global issue that you need to bear in mind. You must not rush the launch of your ecommerce website. 

One of biggest, and sometimes fatal, mistakes an ecommerce entrepreneur makes is rushing the launch of a website. The stark reality is that you only get one chance to launch your ecommerce website. If you do this prematurely, if you stumble coming out of the gate, your business may never get back on its feet. No matter how tremendous your ecommerce business idea is, no matter how wonderful you later marketing efforts are, flaying about at a websites launch may prove to be something of an unresolvable (fatal) condition.

You certainly can put up a coming soon page. But, don't do the big reveal until you've the foundational elements in place, which include:

  • SEO

  • content marketing

  • social media

  • blogging

  • paid marketing

Focus on Mobile First

The much anticipated tilt has happened. By that it is meant a majority of people now use mobile devices, particularly smartphones and tablets, to access the internet. This includes going online to shop and engage in other ecommerce activities. Therefore, another absolutely fundamental tip that you must bear in mind is that your website design and ecommerce marketing efforts must be focused on a mobile device presentation. Design and marketing must focus on mobile users first and desktop and laptop users second. 

SEO is Even More Crucial 

As mentioned previously, we are in the midst of an ecommerce explosion. Therefore, you must use all marketing tools available to you to stay ahead of the pack. On the top of the list is search engine optimization.

Only by developing, monitoring, and adapting (as needed) a comprehensive SEO plan will your business be able to stay in the game, let alone ahead of the pack. Some people have the skills necessary to do this on their own. However, they rarely have both skill and the time to execute. For these reasons, engaging the services of professionals when it comes to SEO related issues typically is the advisable course for an ecommerce enterprise.

Incorporate Social Media 

A list of ecommerce marketing tips would be wholly incomplete without reference to social media. That's obvious. Where entrepreneurs make a tremendous mistake is by approaching the use of social media in a haphazard fashion. 

For example, once a business has a website up and running, the pop out a Facebook page or set up an Instagram account with little thought and no coordination. Social media needs to be use in part to serve as an effective, consistent conversion funnel to your business' ecommerce website. 

This process begins by thinking strategically about which social media platforms make most sense for your business. Facebook is a given for nearly any business, at least at this juncture in time. From there, a business needs to contemplate and strategize about which other social media platforms make the most sense (considering branding and other issues). The most commonly considered platforms when it comes to filling out an ecommerce marketing strategy are:

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • YouTube

  • Google+

Monitor Analytics

In this day and age, analytics associated with an ecommerce website readily are available and are relatively easy to understand. A final online marketing tip you must adhere to is consistently monitoring analytics. Long gone are the days in which an ecommerce enterprise could simply assume that some marketing tactic was working. 

Only be being armed with hard facts, which is obtained via monitoring analytics, can you be certain a particular ecommerce marketing effort is having a positive effect, no effect, or a negative impact. With this information in hand, you will be in the best possible position to be intelligently responsive when it comes to monitoring and adapting your ecommerce marketing efforts. In many ways, the success of your business depends upon consistent monitoring of analytics.


Jessica Kane is a writer for Every USB, where you can create your very own custom usb drive for your brand or company.

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