Top 4 Ways to Advertise Landscaping Businesses in the Digital Times

Top 4 Ways to Advertise Landscaping Businesses in the Digital Times

Landscaping businesses are highly competitive, and almost all of them provide essentially the same services. The only thing that can differentiate one company from the other, short of reliability and quality of work is a savvy advertising and marketing campaign. Expert-centered marketing initiatives can be helpful in both growing consumer bases throughout the service region. 

No matter the type of business you run, it helps to keep up with the current times. As a landscaping company, there are many trends that you need to keep in mind. Your company needs to be aware of the market requirements and interests, the going rates, tools and equipment that will be best to use. 

Also, as a landscaper, it helps to understand the latest models available when it comes to weed whackers and mowers, but as the entire world transforms to the digital age, your landscaping business also needs to do so. Advertising and marketing have changed significantly because of the digital platforms they provide which mean that it is essential to bring your landscaping enterprise up to speed. 

Here are the best ways to advertise your landscaping business in the digital age. 

Social Networking 

This is a type of free advertising that has excellent outcomes. You will need to create YouTube channels that link to the company's website with some homemade short videos providing lawn maintenance and care tips. Volunteering to provide informational videos and presentations to the rotary clubs can give you the much-needed notoriety within the community. 

Look for both national and local contests to join in your field can also help advertise your business. Joining meet-up groups for gardeners will help your company meet individuals who value the beauty and function of their yards. Also, you can create a Facebook page and offer weekly green tips for your followers. 

By doing so, you will have the opportunity to accumulate more fans by socially reaching out to them. Also providing information to your audience about warm casting, natural fertilizing and composting at the local community center can help your business grow. 

Establish a Web Presence 

Establishing a web presence is always the first step into making the initial foray into the digital age. Developing your webpage can sound easy, but you will have to do it in the right way. Ensure your website is simple and attractive to your visitors. 

You should understand that the appearance of your web page will be the first thing that potential customers will see. Most websites provide a series of pre-developed templates for you to select from. 

If you do not have a web design experience, selecting a simple and non-generic appearance will be your excellent bet. But if you know one or two things about website design, tweaking the fonts and colors can help set a page apart. 

Also, it helps if your website or business has a memorable name since it makes it easier for your customers to remember and recommend. Choosing Simple URLs makes it easier for consumers to remember as well as recommending it to friends and family members in conversations. 

Get Your Business on Listings 

You should ensure that your landscaping business is listed in some of the popular listing sites. Most individuals come to these websites to look for the right services. It means that the chances of getting more customers are higher on these sites. 

Some of the famous websites include Yelp, Google, Home Advisor, Thumbtack, Porch and Angie’s List. Also, try your best to get listed in the local consumer directories. While listing your business on these websites, you need to pay close attention to your profile as well. 

Always update it with some beautiful and new photos of your recent landscaping projects. Also, you can request your loyal customers to help you review the work on the website. After seeing your landscaping business on the listing websites, you should ensure that potential clients come to your business site. So you should include links on your site on your listing and profile. 

Engage in Conversations 

Once you have established your niche and you understand your consumers, you can start to engage them one by one in conversations. Social media platforms are excellent for this purpose. Take your time to thank individuals who visit and like your page or hiring your company to complete their project. 

In return, individuals can share your business page and even post some photos featuring the work of your hands. Even if you encounter negative reviews, you should counter them by replying with apologies, and understanding statements that show the extension of customer services. Also, even if your project does not go as planned, your company can still show that it operates with integrity and that it appreciates all of its client’s feedback. 

Having a digital presence for your landscaping business is essential. Not only can the practice put your business on the map and help keep in touch with clients, but it can also provide you with a competitive advantage.


Jessica Kane is a writer for Every USB, where you can create your very own custom usb drive for your brand or company.

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