Graphic Design: We Are Rather Visual Beings

Graphic Design: We Are Rather Visual Beings

Studies show time and time again when people hear information, they only extract 10% of the material presented. However, when this information is accessible via images, people tend to remember about 65% of the fine points. That is a huge jump. But let’s face it— we humans are rather visual beings. 


Visuals are Vital

As marketing and branding connoisseurs, we firmly believe that the visual aspect of a company translates collaterally. Visuals are vital. However, marketing and branding content extends far beyond high quality images. But just how can your company draw followers in, increase engagement and convey your brand’s underlying mission statement without the use of pictures? Say hello to graphic design. 

Add some extra oomph into your content, express your brand voice & communicate a clear and concise message with the use of graphics.


Consistency is Crucial 

            Brand identity is what sets you apart from your competitors. When companies are marketed in a consistent manner and adhere to brand guidelines, you will build both a credible and dependable voice. 

            When creating graphics, it is crucial to follow brand guidelines. No matter how vibrant or simplistic your brand image may be, sticking to steady visual guidelines is the way to go! Take note of these recommendations when implementing graphic design:

·       Logo usage

·       Color scheme 

·       Typography 

·       Brand voice

This rather rigid set of rules can be applied in all areas of practice. From social media platforms, websites, business cards, flyers and packaging— following a steady set of rules is vital.


Original Graphics  

            From social media graphics and infographics, to header photos and down to the nitty gritty details of your logo, graphic design is a must.

            When graphic design comes into play, ensure that graphics flow well with your overall aesthetic while carrying over a meaningfulmessage. Don’t just have a graphic to have it. Here are some great examples when graphics are a good fit:

·       A seasonal shift: updating cover photos frequently to align with the season 

·       Sales

·       Company updates

·       Positive (but concise) messages

·       Something that is just too darn wordy…Meet the infographic! 



Website Design

            Graphic design doesn’t stop at social media graphics or infographics. Graphic design plays a huge role in website development. Your website should align with your overarching brand aesthetic. Here are some basic tips and tricks when building a website:

·      Simplicity is best

·      Convey your message

·      Make sure that the fonts and color pallets used coincide with graphics displayed on social channels. 

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 4.40.27 PM.png


Beyond the Screen

Reach out to your demographics beyond the screen. Flyers and business cards are amazing tangible marketing tactics. Leave your clients with a visual component and something they can physically take with them to remember YOU. From funky fonts to intricate paper texture, having printout graphics are an additional way to utilize graphic design while extending your company’s bottom line.



Looking to add some graphic design into your company’s marketing tactics? Or maybe just need help finding your brand voice?

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Graphic design–compliments to Go Be Social Media’s very own Graphic Designer, Joely Friedman & blog post written by Senior Account Manager, Emily Moore.

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