Social Media Costumes for Halloween

Social Media Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is just a few days away and you still need a costume? Never fear, Go Be  Social Media is here with a round up of some of the best social media inspired  costumes for this year. From hashtags to selfies to emojis, we’ve got you covered.

1. Facebook- After all this time it’s still a staple in the social media world. There are two  different routes you can take here – ironic and “punny”, like Jim Halpert, or you can make your own facebook profile to wear all night.



2. Pinterest- A piece of corkboard or posterboard, some magazine clippings, and tape. Boom, you’re a Pinterest Board.



3. Emojis- You probably already have everything in your closet to make your favorite  emojis come to life. Need a group or couple costume? These are perfect!


4. Instagram Selfie - Super easy and fun too! We love this tutorial from Wonder How To! Just make sure you Instagram your Instagram!



5. Snapchat- The snapchat ghost is the perfect costume for that one party that you don’t really want to go to, but you feel obligated to show up for. When you disappear after 10 seconds, you can just say it was all part of your act!


6. Twitter - Bonus points if you bring a whiteboard to continually update your followers like this girl did! Just make sure to keep it under 140!



7. Hashtag - Sure, you may look like just the pound symbol, but you can drive everyone crazy  by speaking only in hashtags all night! #Selfie #Halloween #FollowMe




Images via Peace Love World


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